This Privacy Policy is written for you.

The date of this privacy policy is: 2011-01-19

We may update this policy at anytime, updates will always include an updated date above to alert you of the change.

Your privacy is important to you, and it’s important to us (The Jedi Network) as well.

We want you to know what we do as well as how and why.

We answer these questions directly and in easy to undertstand language below.

What Information do we Collect?

We collect nearly every bit of information we can.

This includes, every piece of information that you provide us through forms, as well as information provided to us by your computer that you may not be aware of.

The information that your computer provides without your knowing it can include:

– your IP Address
– the date & time of your visit
– potentially the page you were viewing before your reached our website
– and internet cookies that we may set and that you may accept

What Do we do with this information?

We use it to understand how effectively our marketing efforts are, where our visitors are coming from, and whether or not they are engaging with the programs that we provide.

We use the personal information that you may provide (including, but not limited to: name & email address), to communicate with you and to provide you with information that you have agreed to receive.

We safeguard all personal information that you provide on secure, password protected systems, accessibly only to our approved administrators.

Your information is never shared, rented, sold, leased, or transferred.

Regarding Passwords:

When you set a password on any of our systems, we do not save the password directly, this is an added protection for both you and us. Not even any of our admins will be able to determine what your password is. At the time you set your password, we create an encrypted key which is saved to our system. That encrypted key cannot be dencryped to determine your password. Later when you log in, the password you submit will be run through the same encryption routine and the result is compared to the encrypted key that was created when you set your password; if the two codes match, you are granted access. By encrypting your password in this way we are ensuring that your most important information is not accessible to anyone, even in the unlikely event that our system is compromised.

Please note, it is still best practice to use a unique password for all websites that you visit. Websites that do not make a statement explicitly about how they handle your passwords should be assumed to simply store your password as you enter it – as a text string that can be read by any of the admins for the website. In the event that such a system is compromised, your email address and password could likely be tried at many other websites (including websites for financial institutions). By encrypting your password, we are less likely to be the subject to attempts to compromise our system, and your information is protected, particularly if you use the same password on multiple sites.

Do we provide a way to access & edit/remove information that is provided to us?

Systems are being developed to allow this; however at this time if you would like to know what information we have on file for you (and have the opportunity to change it), you can send a request to:

or by us mail to:

New Illuminati Protocols
505 2nd St. N
Bayport, MN 55003

And one of our administrators will address your concerns.

How can I opt-out of future information from The Jedi Network?

Use any of the working opt-out links provided to you in our emails.

Or send your request to either the email address or physical address provided above.